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3 Key Traits Needed To Succeed As A Family Lawyer

Divorce papers inside a court room

3 Key Traits Needed To Succeed As A Family Lawyer

So, you want to become a family lawyer – congratulations. This is a can prove to be an extremely rewarding career, and not just in terms of monetary gains. A key part of what a family lawyer does is help people who are going through what can be the most difficult and emotionally hectic chapter of their lives.

However, not just anyone can succeed as a family lawyer. Before you get started, you want to make sure that you possess the following traits of good family lawyers in Sydney.


Any kind of lawyer, including one that deals with divorce disputes, needs to have a sense of determination. You need to be determined to make it through your studies (studying law is one of the hardest academic pursuits), as well a determined on behalf of the clients you eventually work for.

When someone hires a family lawyer in Sydney, they are often feeling a sense of desperation mixed with anxiety about their situation. They may be concerned they will lose their relationship with their kids, or be left with little of the assets and end up struggling outside of the marriage that has fallen apart.

A family lawyer in Sydney needs to be determined for their clients so that they can get the best result possible and move on with their lives. Your determination will induce feelings of confidence in your client, and make them glad that they hired you to help them out.

When a client feels genuinely grateful to you for helping them, they will likely leave you with a positive review and recommended you to anyone they know who needs your services. This kind of word-of-mouth advertising is absolutely invaluable for any lawyer.

Tact and restraint

family lawyer in Sydney looking through some papers

The kind of issues you deal with as a family lawyer in Sydney are some of the most psychologically traumatic for families. When there have been issues of abuse, or financial trouble that has torn the family apart, it’s natural for clients to be highly stressed and say the worst things about their ex-partner.

As a family lawyer in Sydney, you will undoubtedly need to listen to some of these comments and deal with the emotional side of your clients. While some clients can and will restrain themselves in your presence, it’s normal for many to cry or exclaim about the situation they are facing.

Your job is to remain a stoic and reassuring presence during the struggle they are facing. As a family lawyer, you need to guide your client away from emotional thinking that clouds their best judgement and gives them actionable solutions that allow them to move on with their life.

You need to be tactful and restrain yourself during any emotional outbursts your client may have. If you stay calm and professional, they will be calmer, and the whole process will be much more productive.


Of course, if you are going to be successful as a family lawyer, then you need to be organised. Your clients are counting on you to take care of all the paperwork and other important admin steps that need to be taken in the pursuit of their interests.

You can’t afford to show any signs of laziness, as your clients will abandon you quickly if they think they can get a much better service from someone else. Without good organisational and time management skills, your career as a family lawyer in Sydney is going to be short-lived.

There you have it, 3 key traits needed to be successful as a family lawyer in Sydney. Make sure you have these traits before you try to take on any clients.

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